Franklin Township and the Surrounding Area :
Millstone Parade for the 150th Anniversary of U.S. Independence (3)
Part of the Millstone parade in honor of the 150th Anniversary (Sesquicentennial) of U.S. Independence. This section of the parade features two floats. The rear-most one, also the one closest to the camera, was fielded by the V.F.W. (Veterans of Foreign Wars) and features three young men dressed as World War I dough boys and what may be a "body" on a stretcher with a nurse (the figure in white) standing over it. The float in front of that is fielded by Post No. 430 of an indeterminable group and has quite a large number of people on it. There are men dressed in the uniforms worn by American soldiers from the Revolutionary Era to the time period of the parade. On a chair amidst the men is a young woman wearing some kind of crown. In front of this float is a bus with its company name printed, illegibly, on the darker band running along its center.
Millstone, NJ
150th Anniversary of U.S. Independence Parade (Millstone, N.J.)
Wade, Elton H. L.
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Negative, Sheet Film
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3 1/4 x 5 1/2 in.
Franklin Township Public Library
Elton H. L. Wade Photograph Collection
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Parade at Millstone 102.3Parade at Millstone 102.3