Franklin Township and the Surrounding Area :
Landing Bridge
Landing Bridge (known today as Landing Lane Bridge) across the Raritan River, canal and towpath. This span opened in 1895. In 1995 it was replaced with the current structure. At some unknown point between those two dates the wooden plank decking seen here was replaced first with steel decking then with an asphalt surface.

A streetlight is noticeable at the edge of the bridge on the left, but it is hard to tell if it is gas or electric. On the right side of the bridge/road is a traffic signal of some kind.

The thin building on the left sits beyond a wire fence and either part of the canal or a small pond. It looks more like a home than an office, due to the curtains in the windows. There are small animals of some kind on the porch. Despite damage to the negative, a lighter body and head with darker legs next to it can be seen. In the front yard is a manual water pump.

The dirt road leading up to the bridge's wooden decking is rutted by wagon wheels and marked with the prints of horses' hooves. The railing on the left, just before the bridge, was likely for tying up saddle horses. On the right of the bridge is a small elevated shed that seems to lead onto some kind of raised platform. There is another, larger shed with an open panel at the bottom of this platform, nearer to the waterline. On the far right, a wagon stands waiting for both cargo and a horse to pull it along.

The roadway and bridge are lined by what are likely telegraph or telephone poles and wiring.

The writing on the left of the negative may say: Landing Bridge F22.
New Brunswick, NJ
Wade, Elton H. L.
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Negative, Sheet Film
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2 1/2 x 4 1/4 in.
Public domain
Elton H. L. Wade Photograph Collection
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