Elton H. L. Wade and Family :
Wade Christmas - 1944? (2)
G. Harold, Sr., Rhea, and Marian are seated in front of the family Christmas tree. On the floor before them is, most likely (due to his age relative to his sister), Elton Leslie Wade. There is an open hutch filled with dinnerware behind G. Harold. To his right is the edge of a table and chair. On Marian's left there is a wooden armchair, it's cushions tied on to the frame, with a plaid jacket hung on its back. On the tall sideboard behind the chair is a collection of papers, bric-a-brac, and a rotary phone. The men are dressed in shirts and ties. Rhea wears a checked dress and ribbons in her hair. Marian wears a simple dress, glasses and her wedding ring.

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Wade, G. Harold
Wade, Marian (Totten)
Wade, Rhea Marian Maud
Wade, E. Leslie
Middlebush, NJ
Wade, Elton H. L.
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Negative, Sheet Film
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3 1/4 x 4 1/2 in.
Franklin Township Public Library
Elton H. L. Wade Photograph Collection
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Harold, Marion, Rhea, + 1198Harold, Marion, Rhea, + 1198