Elton H. L. Wade and Family :
On the lakeshore
This picture was possibly taken on the same day as 2009.1.636 as Maud Totten and the man seem to wearing the same clothes. This shot shows a group of people on the shore of a lake. A woman, three girls and a man. Two trees lean out over the water. Maud Totten, on the left, looks like she's warming her hands. The man is holding one of the girls, one of his hands in front of her face, and they are both laughing at the camera taking the picture. She has a box in her left hand that might have been another camera. A young girl is watching the proceedings, her hand over her mouth (possibly in it?) A third girl sits near the shoreline, her hands up like Maud's, as if she were warming them. Maud and the girl sitting on the ground may be trying to make grass whistles as well.

Behind the group there is some kind of wooden structure. It may be a dock lifted clear of the water or be used to lower boats into the lake.
Totten, Maud
Wade, Elton H. L.
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Negative, Sheet Film
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2 1/2 x 4 1/4 in.
Public Domain
Elton H. L. Wade Photograph Collection
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